lunes, 21 de mayo de 2007

Health: The WHO: To smoke will cause to 50% more deaths soon than AIDS

Friday 18 of May of 2007 3:44: 11 p.m.

The WHO: To smoke will cause to 50% more deaths soon than AIDS.

The tabaquismo will cause towards 2015 a 50% more deaths on world-wide scale that AIDS, according to is come off the Statistic of Health 2007, presented today by the World-wide Organization for the Health The tobacco could be the cause of the 10 percent of the total of deaths in 2015. The four more frequent causes of loss of life will be in 2030 the cardiac and pulmonary diseases, the cerebral attacks and AIDS. The world-wide expenses to take care of the health of the population added in 2004 about five trillions of dollars (3.7 trillions of euros), according to the WHO. The 30 industrialized countries more, than lodge to less of the 20 percent of the world-wide population, have the 90 percent of the planetary budget of health. By inhabitant it was spent in 2004 in the rich countries 3,080 dollars in health, 30 times more than in the poor countries of Africa and Southeast Asia, where that sum ascended to 102 dollars in average, indicates the report. On the basis of the present data, the WHO anticipates that the young people of next the 25 years will be much more longevos. The rates of loss of life of the contagious diseases - with exception of AIDS they will diminish constantly until 2030. In the case of AIDS the amount of deaths in the world will be duplicated nevertheless, to add in 2030 about 6.5 million. The noncontagious diseases will be in 2030 the cause of the 70 percent of the deaths, considers the WHO. The deceases by wounds will increase a 40 percent by the increase of the transit. The amount of tie deaths to the tabaquismo will happen of 5.4 million in 2005 to 6.4 million in 2015 and 8,3 million in 2030. Global/DPA chain

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