sábado, 5 de mayo de 2007

The demographic situation in Mexico.

El Financiero in line Mexico, 3 of May. - The secretary of Interior, Francisco Ramirez Coins, asserted that the national policy of population is based on the necessity to face the demographic challenges of contemporary Mexico to contribute to elevate the well-being and the quality of life of the citizens. It emphasized that the future of the country closely it is articulated with happening of its demography, reason why to anticipate the probable scenes and to act consequently constitutes an essential task of the planning for the development. In the text that elaborated as presentation of the book “the demographic situation of Mexico the 2006” person in charge of the policy rear area indicated that this one represents I ooze essential to support the definition of objectives, challenges and put demographic that will be shaped in the National Plan of Desarrollo (PND) 2007-2012. It maintained that the certainty that is had the demographic change of Mexico offers opportunities that well taken advantage of can positively contribute with the objectives of economic growth and greater well-being, in a context of sustainable advantage of the natural resources and the diminution of regional inequalities. It remembered that in the last six years the national public agenda included the challenge to at the same time take advantage of the denominated “demographic bond” that identified like emergent challenges to the process of transformation of the structure by ages and their effect on the aging of the population. It indicated that in that perspective also are the changes that affect the familiar structure, the intergenerational relations of sort and, the course of life of the people and to take care of the implications of the migration of Mexican towards the United States. Ramirez Coins aimed that the book “the demographic situation of Mexico” has been an annual publication dedicated to the spreading of the population agenda of the country and in its pages pursuit occurs and the main questions relative to the social and demographic development of the country struggle. Expuso of que el of libro of dedica su of atención a of los of cambios of poblacionales of ocurridos en of los of primeros of años de of este of siglo, que of suelen of manifestarse en el largo of plazo y al of inicio de of esta of administración of ofrece la of oportunidad of para of revisar el of trayecto of recorrido, así of como of afinar of los of objetivos y of herramientas. In the presentation of the book, in the Castilian bookstore Rosary of the Bottom of Cultura Económica (FCE), the one in charge of the office of the general secretariat of the National Council of Population (Conapo), Caesar Garcés, made a brief explanation of the content of the text. It mentioned that it approaches an ample variety of subjects that in general terms cover great part with the demographic agenda like mortality, fecundity, reproductive health, familiar planning internal and international migration, urban-rural development and environment, demographic bond, homes and transition of youth to the adult age. It emphasized that a suitable policy of population in Mexico will allow to reach the objectives of economic growth and greater well-being and identified like the one of the greater challenges discouragement of the inequalities between the population. (With information of Notimex/RSC)

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