domingo, 29 de abril de 2007

Water: Shortage of water in Sonora.

HERMOSILLO, SONORA, 27 of April of the 2007.

Elías mONTES proposed in the Senate of the Republic to retake the project to bring water of Nayarit and denominated Sinaloa Hydraulic Plan of Noroeste (PLHINO), in order to guarantee the Sonorous water supply and to detonate the farming production in the region. I explain that this investment could be made in two stages, first with an approximated cost of 32 billion weights, that talks about infrastructure, in prey, derivadotas and channels and the rest in one second stage that corresponds to the terminal channels and the territories opening of culture. The sonorense legislator stood out that as well as the Mexican State as a whole has the obligation to assure the health and the education the Mexicans, also must make sure to provide the feeding costs what costs and the water is a vital resource for these intentions. Mountain Elías said that before the globalización in the world, he is viable to retake the project of the PLHINO with a vision of future and long term; and to take in account the enormous benefits that the population would bring and to the country which they would surpass by much the economic cost of this magna builds. “Before the new challenges that come for the field, no longer single to provide foods but also with power he would be indispensable to increase the area for sowing in earth with enormous agricultural vocation as they are those of the north of Sinaloa and Sur de Sonora”. , it emphasized the sonorense senator it commented that S.A. Country goes to him well and grows from the 5 to 7% of the GIP will count on sufficient resources, for the accomplishment of this type of projects of great regional and national impact. It stood out that this great project has to do with a policy of State, that is to say, that the citizens can count on the vital resource and mainly to guarantee the food production and would put to Mexico in better conditions of competitiveness in the world-wide farming product market. “If we want to continue being a State with farming vocation and to guarantee the development or the industrial growth in other activities during next the 50 years we must think about counting on sufficient water” concluded.

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