domingo, 10 de junio de 2007

Social: Artificial monopolies on intangible wells

Artificial monopolies on intangible wells. The processes of privatization of the life and the knowledge the privatization of the communal properties, through legal and technical systems that fortify monopolies and construct to a system of private appropriation and increasing concentration of everything what it had always been common into the hands of few. The water, the seeds, the air, the ideas, the mathematical one, the traditional music, culture, folklore, medicines, the DNA, the same life. What have in common the transgénicas seeds patented by Monsanto with privative software and the policies of Microsoft? Then much more from which it can arise at first Not only is to put the present system of regulations of patents and copyrights at issue, but to understand which are the implicancias of the científicotécnica revolution in which we are immersed and that is dragging to us towards thresholds that we must discuss like societies. Throughout these years of work we shared with other movements the preoccupation by the increasing radicalization of the system of patents and copyright, that does not finish there but that advances with other types of regulations that prevail more and more through the different scenes, from the international negotiations to the technical regulations. In order to accede to this document (format pdf) it clicks on the file next:
Monopolios artificiales sobre bienes intangibles

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