martes, 1 de mayo de 2007

Health: The world-wide organization of the health alerts on deaths by cancer related to labor conditions

Mexico D. F., 27 of April ( Writing .mx). - The World-wide Organization of the Health (the WHO) noticed that every year they die around 200 thousand people by cancers related to the existing conditions in the work centers. Between the main causes, the organism indicates to the asbestos fiber inhalation and the passive tabaquismo. In agreement with the WHO, one of each ten deaths by pulmonary cancer it must to risks in the work places; in addition, near 125 million people in the world they are exposed to the injurious effects of the asbestos in its works, which derives in at least 90 thousand annual deaths. On the other hand, it is possible to stand out that the smokers who breathe the call “smoke of second hand” in their uses do not have the double of possibilities of developing lung cancer, compared with the workers who evolve in free atmospheres of smoke. The agency of United Nations added widely that thousands of people die more of leukemia caused by the labor exhibition to the benzene, an used organic compound in rubbers, the red, the drugs and the pesticidas, in addition to being used in the industries chemical and to the diamond. Maria Neira, director of Public Health and Environment of the WHO, affirmed in an official notice that “the well-known and avoidable exhibitions are clearly responsible for the hundreds of thousands of excessive cases of cancer per year”. The organization made a call to the governments and the industry fit the security standards and assure that the workers are not exposed to carcinogen elements. It also requested to stop the asbestos use, to use reliable organic free of benzene and to prohibit to smoke in the work places. With these measures, “hundreds would be prepared with thousands of unnecessary deaths”, assured the organism. (Reuters)

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