domingo, 29 de abril de 2007

Women: Pro

Julieta Morales, Tepic, Nayit.
April 27, 2007

Around 100 women of the countryside of the municipality of Compostela, they will be benefitted with microfinancings to impel its productive projects that will improve their familiar income, scheme that the municipal government of Marco is endorsing Antonio Moreno Venegas, whose priority is to foment the autoempleo in communities marginalized of that South region of the organization. For it, to the Economic Development directors of and Municipal Rural Development, Juan Manuel Rodriguez Curiel and Oswaldo Saenz met, respectively, with the director of Economic Promotion of the Secretariat of Economy, Gustavo Crespo, the president of Rural Development A.C, Matías Go'mez Barreto, as well as the manager of this organism, Carlos A. Domínguez, these last ones informed that shortly an amount of 150 thousand pesos to these shared in common groups of enterprising women of Compostela will be granted. Also, in this encounter one considered on the part of the representatives of Rural Development A.C. intermediary organism of the Trust of Micro-financing for Mujeres Rurales (FOMUR) who operates the Secretariat of Economy, the interest to extend the number of women beneficiaries in the municipality who are interested in impelling familiar businesses. The objective of the mentioned association is to improve the conditions of the families of the countryside, whose sector of the population is needed, when perceiving very low or null income. The women compostelences who will receive credits of the FOMUR, have organized themselves to impel projects as grocer's, production of milky, elaboration of tamales and another type of foods, among others. “The interest of platicar with the municipal authorities is that we could grow in the low zone of the municipality of Compostela in where there are opportunities to support to an important number of women, that in a beginning they will be able to receive from thousand 500 pesos to increasing to 4 thousand pesos by partner”, therefore needed the manager to it Rural Development A.C., Carlos A. Domínguez. On the other hand, the City council of Compostela through the holders of Economic Development and Rural Development, Juan Manuel Rodriguez Curiel and Oswaldo Saenz, respectively, showed the availability of the municipal president, Marco Antonio Moreno Venegas, to impel the generation of uses and to support the women, fundamentally, to the being great enterprising and worried to elevate the quality of life of their families. The municipal government authenticated his commitment and I tie of coordination with the Secretariat of Economy and the intermediary organism, Rural Development A.C. in order to cause the conditions.

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