domingo, 29 de abril de 2007

Aquifer: Disminution of the water levels en Calaveras Valley, Coahuila.

Zócalo Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila.

Worried about the diminution of the water levels in several regions, the producers of the Calaveras Valley, accepted the proposal of the National Commission of Agua (CONAGUA), to integrate a Technical Underground Water Advice (LEVELS) to take care of the problems of the field before the lack of the liquid. The directive table is conformed by Santos Quintero Moncada, president; Héctor Arocha Garza, secretary and Javier Lopez, treasurer. Being officially constituted the LEVELS, existing enough interest in organizing itself, because the agricultural proprietors of estates are seeing the form to take care of the resource. During the meeting the proposal of work 2007 was elaborated, to lower resources and to improve the use of the water on the basis of a regulation. Extending that the objective is not to carry out studies to take agreements that take to a possible prohibition in the Valley Skulls. The objective is to work in common agreement not to get to make this decision, before the possibility of spending the charge of the water-bearing one. The members of the organization will stay coordinated with the CONAGUA to operate and to watch the handling of the vital element. Because luckyly in the last meeting when the federal dependency presented the real numbers of which it was being used, then occurred to account of the reality, approving the proposal to formalize the LEVELS. Although an official register of users is not had, handle amounts from 60 to 100, but the real number will have to inquire in another meeting. According to the information that presented/displayed several producers, it was spoken that the last year they had detected low of pressure in the pumps. In the meeting were optimists because the levels returned to recover attributing the change to rains that fell in Calaveras Valley.

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